Question-Driven Analytics

Our analytics process centers around your business needs.

 During Our Preliminary Sessions:

We work with you to identify:


  • Priority business questions that you’d like to answer
  • Critical challenges you are working to overcome
  • Pressing problems that you need to solve


We collaborate with your team to understand:


  • The current state of data within your organization
  • Key players that would be involved in improving the data architecture in your company
  • Stakeholders that would need to be included in data reporting and training

Selecting the Right Solution

We help you choose the apropriate avenues of data exploration

Strategy and Architecture

Identify where you need to go with your data and how to get there.
Understand how developing your data architecture can help you. Improve your business over time. We partner with your team to understand your data infrastructure and how you use it. We then provide recommendations to improve your data collection and warehousing practices. This first step allows you to streamline insights and reporting and maximize your company’s data potential.

Selecting the Right Solution

We help you choose the apropriate avenues of data exploration

data visualization and storytelling

Unveil the beauty in your data story.
View stunning visualizations, dashboards, and reports that can help you access and understand real-time or historical data. Understand trends, quickly identify issues and assure quality control with real-time monitoring and up-to-date, easily understood visualizations. Get the story behind your data with clear and descriptive data summaries that tell your company’s data story for internal and external audiences.

data prep and cleaning

Get your data ready for prime time. 
Experience shows that data rarely comes clean. But we can do the dirty work for you. We’ll make your data sparkle so that everyone at your organization will be able to extract meaning and use it to move your business forward.

business intelligence and insights

Understand trends.
Power productivity. Tap into your data stores to uncover insight that can answer your most pressing business questions. We train your teams to understand these insights, equip them with key takeaways and discuss how they can translate findings into improved business practices and increased performance.

machine learning

Use your data to predict success. 
Leverage underlying trends in your data to make more accurate predictions and better business decisions. Our data scientists build models that will take into consideration the many moving and seemingly unpredictable factors that drive your business and harness them to help you drive profit and identify risks.


Analytics as an Integrated Service

Which segments of your organization will benefit from data analytics?

strategic leadership

We define your data infrastructure and analytics goals and map an outline of how you can achieve them. We take the fuzziness out of the many architecture and BI options available and help you make informed decisions that will keep your business one step ahead of ever-changing technologies.


Enable your marketing team to showcase your success using data. Tell impact stories that can be used as standalone case studies or incorporated in marketing brochures or on your website.


Equip your sales team with data that can drive sales. Enrich testimonials with graphs that demonstrate your customers’ success.


Identify ways you can improve your core products to better meet customers’ needs and achieve the results that you intend.

customer experience

Gain insight into your customers’ satisfaction and pain points and put that information to action with product improvement and enhanced services.


Understand what is driving profit and increase efficiency within your organization. Our integrated and iterative solutions address diverse and changing analytics needs across your teams.


We customize our findings for the varied data consumers throughout your business.


As you evolve, we iterate to improve our analytics to better solve key challenges.


We provide training sessions for your teams to understand the insights and visualizations that we deliver and customize findings for use at multiple levels of your organization.


Empower the back-end of your business to improve data quality so that you’ll get faster and better answers to questions that will arise as you grow and adapt to new business challenges.