DolphinCare Update

February 21, 2023

Update on DolphinCare

DolphinCare’s preliminary IV fluid app is revolutionizing the SNF industry, with overwhelmingly positive feedback from app users. MDS nurses are calling DolphinCare their “best friend” and “the best software we’ve ever used,” among other accolades. This app has become an invaluable tool for the MDS workflow, with MDS coordinators, regional auditors, and consultants all relying heavily on it. DolphinCare saves users time and provides a sense of security that they are not missing anything crucial when coding and reviewing hospital records. With human error being a big concern in the healthcare industry, DolphinCare is influencing real change.

Currently operating in a substantial amount of facilities in the SNF industry, the app has proven to be a game-changer for MDS nurses, helping them streamline their workflow and avoid errors. The success of the preliminary app has led DolphinCare to schedule beta testing of the full app at the beginning of May 2023. This eagerly anticipated release is expected to further improve the MDS coding process and increase efficiency for healthcare providers.

DolphinCare’s success in the SNF industry is reflected in its leap in sales. The company’s commitment to leveraging technology and data-driven insights to transform the healthcare industry is clearly paying off.