Introducing DolphinCare

April 21, 2021


Integralytic is pleased to introduce DolphinCare to our incubator environment. DolphinCare is a healthcare technology platform providing solutions for providers to streamline their operations and improve patient care. DolphinCare is transforming the clinical reimbursement landscape for skilled nursing facilities using specialized AI software to eliminate the complexity of high-volume clinical reporting. Facilities are dealing with overburdened clinical staff, nationwide staff shortages, missed opportunities for coding and reimbursement, and time-consuming documentation. DolphinCare’s platform will address these issues by reducing resource overload, eliminating staff shortages by automating much of the documentation process, capturing critical revenue, and streamlining documentation. The DolphinCare platform will focus on improving and automating the MDS (Minimum Data Set) coding process.

The MDS is a standardized assessment tool used in nursing homes to assess residents’ physical, psychological, and functional status. The MDS includes a wide range of items that need to be coded based on the patient’s medical history and current condition. Accurate coding of these items is essential for proper reimbursement, quality assessment, and care planning.

When using DolphinCare, MDS coordinators will now be able to view accurate clinical assessment responses and the documentation to support them at a glance. This will free up valuable time to focus on proactively improving resident care. New MDS team members will be able to upskill faster when using DolphinCare while achieving high returns throughout the learning curve. MDS audit teams will be able to access an easy-to-review comprehensive audit trail from hospital records and primary EHR, ensuring compliance and assessment validity. DolphinCare will flag critical opportunities early in the process, reducing overall audit time.

DolphinCare is a solution that addresses the most significant difficulties faced by SNF (Skilled Nursing Facility) operations. It has been created by experts in the field, including MDS coordinators and leaders in clinical reimbursement, who have tailored the products to provide specific information and documentation, saving nurses critical time. Their AI-powered solutions are innovative and can be customized to meet each SNF’s unique needs. DolphinCare’s app is simple and user-friendly, leveraging advanced technology to analyze medical records and deliver focused data to streamline the workflow.

Integralytic is excited to be working with DolphinCare to provide top-notch Data Science and AI talent in an industry that can tremendously benefit from machine learning and AI.  As an incubator, Integralytic provides support, guidance, and resources to DolphinCare,  helping them to bring their innovative ideas to fruition. The platform’s ability to automate the MDS coding process is a testament to the power of advanced technology and data analytics. Integralytic is proud to be a part of DolphinCare’s journey and looks forward to seeing the platform’s continued growth and impact on the healthcare industry.